Useful Links & Word Count Tricks

WOOHOO! You’ve made it through the fist 7 days of NaNoWriMo and you’re going strong. As of last night, you need to be at approximately 11,669 words. Today’s goal is 13,336 words.

Are you not near 12,000 words? It’s okay. I promise. I’m here to bring you some word count tricks and more useful links today.


Written? Kitten! – You know what’s good? Kitties. Or puppies and bunnies. They help when you’re writing. Just think about that for a minute. Little fluffy animals! Especially virtual ones that won’t lay on your laptop and/or hands while you’re trying to be productive. You can set your own goals and get a kitten however frequently you’d like.

Character Questionnaire – An easy form to use for when you want to get to know your characters

She’s Novel – blog with lots and lots of good information about writing. Some posts include information about world building, writing every day, and overcoming your doubts.

Creative Writing Tips – Some tips for novelists with other articles.

Word Count Trick:

Probably the oldest word count trick in the book is to not use contractions. It’s actually a pretty useful trick to also make you actually look at the words when you’re editing later. Why? Because the words read so stiffly when there are no contractions. You pause in certain places differently when the contraction is there versus when it isn’t. Take for example these two sentences:

“It isn’t something you’re going to want to know.”  (9 words)
“It is not something you are going to want to know.” (11 words)

The first sentence reads pretty smoothly. The second sentence has a built in stressed word where your brain might bring your reading eyes to a temporary stop. It’s going to catch your eye because your brain is almost certainly not used to reading all the words that usually are folded into contractions.