NaNo2016 – Reverse NaNoWriMo

So, last year MLHGL suggested that she was going to try for REVERSE NANO.

Quick update: She failed, and badly.

This year, she wants to try it again (this is how she keeps doing NaNoWriMo, after 5 original years of failure – she started winning and by all that’s holy she intends to maintain an unbroken streak of wins until she just can’t anymore). In case you’ve forgotten what it is (or plan just don’t know), here’s a quick rundown:

A method of writing that encompasses writing more words in the beginning of the month, starting with a higher word count and slowly working one’s way down to a required word count of 1 on the last day. It’s sort of a way for the Americans to handle thanksgiving, by building up massive word count early in the month and allowing them to only need shorter and shorter windows for writing thru the holiday that kicks off the major holiday season.


One thing to know: You’re going to have to click through the read more link for the collection of daily word counts (someone else math’d it out long ago, and I haven’t seen them online in a couple of years, for which I am sad). This need to click thru the read more link is because well, it’s a BIG list of word counts broken down into 7 day segments.

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“Reverse” NaNoWriMo?

Hi WriMos, MLHGL here, just wanting to talk to everyone about what some of you may have heard me talking about in person.


I’m talking about this “Reverse NaNoWriMo” thing that I’ve somewhat nuttily decided to do this year. I’m enjoying the notion of possibly being able to finish seriously early, but I do admit that sometimes I get pretty badly behind.

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