The following post is of things you don’t think about as NaNoWriMo prep. You may be wondering why I went ahead and held off on this post until the last Friday of October. The reason is this: If you’re afraid of what you’re getting into with NaNoWriMo, you’ll do ALL of this first thing in October, and then you’ll end up having to do it again. Which entirely negates the doing of these things in the first place.

You’ll do them out of the great skill known as writer’s procrastination – and TRUST ME, we all have it. But, if you get your actual NaNo prep out of the way early in the month, and then use the last 4 or 5 days to do these tasks, you’ll have taken a short break from NaNo stuff, de-stressed a little bit and you’ll be ready to go with the big task of 1,667 words on day one.

Have you gotten your meals planned for the bulk of the month? And possibly prepped? MLHGL is going to be making a ton of ready to go oatmeals for her to have on hand, and she’s going to be stocked up on easy to fix foods like rice and possibly a couple of things to go into the crock pot for longer periods of meals prepped in advance.

All your laundry done? MLHGL plans to make sure she gets her laundry done as close to NaNoWriMo as possible (probably in the evening or night of the 30th) – that way she doesn’t have to worry about it for a couple of weeks. (Thank everything that’s holy that she has a veritable army of comfy tees and towels and washcloths and undergarments. She has counted once, and can go about three weeks without washing those things….)

Dishes washed? MLHGL is pleased to report that all of her dishes will be loaded into the dishwasher on the night of the 30th (whether they need to be washed or not), washed, pulled out and put away, and then the dishwasher prepped for the next round. (She also lives alone, so the 16 cutlery sets, and like 12 bowls and 8 plates and 8 saucers and the army of drinking cups are all hers to use….)

Floors cleaned? This is a multi step process for MLHGL. She has to vacuum the kitchen before she can mop it. (And vacuum every inch of carpet at least twice.) She has cats, and they (for some odd reason) shed worse than the dogs she’s had in the past.

Pet things situated? Like cleaning the litter box? Pet bedding? New, non-aggravating toy acquired for the dog to play with? (MLHGL is also going to completely switch out her litter box and make sure it’s brand new smelling fresh and clean on the 30th of october.)

Bed Sheets Changed? Trust in your MLHGL, this is a perk you aren’t going to think is a perk until you’ve done it. Change them as close to Nov 1 as you can get away with.

If you have them, children ready to do what they need to, to help keep you sane? (minor housekeeping tasks, minor food prep tasks? Incentives to make them do the things?) I would hope spouses or SO’s might consider being more helpful, without needing incentive.

Index cards listing some IOUs for the folks in your house with you? (suggestions: take out the trash trade off, doing the dishes trade off, going grocery shopping, fixing meals, etc. Back rubs, or distracting children, or outings are also good ones.)


How Do You Choose a NANO PLOT?
I’m MLHGL, checking in with you to repost the original chat about choosing a NaNoWriMo plot.

For those of you older NaNos, you’ve more than likely already gotten your plot idea. For those of you who are just joining us and have no idea what you want to write about, I’m here to tell you about some of the methods by which both Planners and Pantsers figure out what they’re writing.

First, I want to tell you about a tiny difference that makes a significant amount of information change for every step. Planners and Pantsers, and then Rebels are the three primary NaNoWriMo participant types. Planners plan out every step of their writing process – and generally are working from an outline or a storyboard. Pantsers have two or three forms; but generally are known as the ones who either have no idea what they’re writing until November starts or just know their Main Character. A Rebel is a person who isn’t starting a whole new work for NaNoWriMo – but is either editing, adding to an older WIP, rewriting, etc. Most Rebels fall into the category of being a planner, because they’re already more than halfway there, usually.

But for the Planners who aren’t rebelling and the Pantsers, how do they choose a plot?
Most of the Planners ML_kitkatt and I have spoken to usually indicate that they choose something that they more than likely have made note of earlier. Either a news item, a picture, conversations, something one sees triggers a thought that can expand into an entire story idea. Some planners even write full time throughout the year, and use NaNoWriMo to get plots that they had to shelve throughout the year off the ground. Planners are generally getting ready for NaNoWriMo between one to four months early. Why? Because they’ve determined how long it takes them to get their plot outline written and a character list.

Pantsers fall into two sub-categories really. The first one is a blend of planner and pantser (a plantser)– and they’ll generally start with an idea, or the basis of a plot (which pretty much is more like a one sentence plot start), or a character and go from there. A total pantser doesn’t even bother to do anything except maybe pick a genre in advance of starting writing on Day 1. I myself am more of a plantser. ML_kitkatt generally is a plantser as well, but she may argue with me about it. ( ^__^ )

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Research Tips

Research – probably the only thing more distracting than the internet for authors. Why? Because most authors I know love to learn, and research is self-guided learning. The only other thing more distracting is social media, but today, I’m counting that as a part of the generalized term for internet. Stick around and have a read, ML_HGL is talking research with you today!

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