Welcome to the 2016 NaNoSeason!

MLHGL here, wanting to welcome you to the new and improved NaNoMemphis website. (If I’ve done the renewal correctly, it shouldn’t look different from last years, except that it’s got new stuff posting.  Okay, so I found a theme I like a bit better… XD)

It’s October 4th today, and it’s exactly 4 weeks from the beginning of the 2016 NaNoWriMo. The official website was rebooted over this past weekend, and I cannot wait for the event to begin.

I’m planning on a few prep posts going up over October, and posts through November will cover some hints and tricks for keeping the word counts going. I’m officially aiming for posts on Tuesdays and Fridays during October and November, and then I’ll aim for one post a week for the months that there isn’t something NaNoWriMo based going on.

Prep posts I’m planning will include things like: finding time to write, plot choices, research, reverse nano planning, etc. Word count posts will include explanations on what MLkitkatt and I have discovered keep the words flowing throughout the month, and how to get yourself out of writer’s block.

You can check the calendar by going to the regional page on nanowrimo.org, or by going to the calendar page above (underneath nanowrimo faq).

If you need to reach your MLs, you can reach us simultaneously at:
individually via nanomail on the nanowrimo website.

MLHGL also has a special nano email at:

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