How To NaNoWriMo

Okay so based on the title, you might be expecting a tutorial on how to do/win NaNoWriMo. That’s not what this is, like, at all. Each person does NaNo differently I don’t think there is any “one real way” to win. Winning is subjective anyway.


Okay, no more tangents. Back on topic here. How To NaNoWriMo. While the purpose of NaNo isn’t winning, it’s about getting the words out, sometimes you need some advice on the best way to get the words out. Maybe what you’ve tried before hasn’t worked out or maybe you want to change it up. No shame in either.


So, you may not know this but in the NaNo ‘verse, there are three main types of participants. It may sound weird to have such a small number of “types” but it’s pretty true from my experience. So what are the three types? Planners, plantsers, and pantsers. I’m aware the last two sound crazy but let me explain.


Let’s start with Planners. Planners are those special little ducklings that can write down a full outline, synopsis, character breakdowns, everything before they start writing. They plan basically everything. Or at least way more than other WriMos. I personally can’t do that so more power to the people that can. The dedication is real.


Next up, Plantsers. It sounds the craziest because it’s not even close to a word. But this is a hybrid of planners and Pantsers. But plantsers tend to plan just a few things. Personally, I have a pretty generic idea of what’s going to happen but don’t make any notes, even if I think of other details. I start from the generic idea on day one and just fly by the seat of my pants.


Other Plantsers (like HGL, for example) might do more, others might do even a little less. Some start with just a character and let them decide what’s going to happen based on that. This method can be exciting but stressful. But it’s a good compromise between the other two types.


Pantsters fly by the seat of their pants. No, really, that’s how they got the name. At least to my knowledge, at least. Anyway. Pantsers are the impulsive participants that have no idea what’s going on, it’s just going starting at 00:00:01 November first.


So those are the three main types of NaNo participants. If you think one sounds like what you want to do, go for it. Like I said before, there is no one true way to win NaNo. Some people in the region thrive doing planning, others like flying by the seat of their pants.


If you still aren’t sure which type of writer you are or want to be this year, consider trying something you haven’t tried before. I found out after a lot of trial and error that my best years were when I was plantsing. But that may not be the answer for everyone.

But no matter what type of WriMo you are, I wish you the best and may the words be ever in your favor. Or other clever pop culture reference outro here.