Blues City Write-A-Thon

The Blues City Write-A-Thon.

What is it? —–

The Blues City Write-A-Thon is a 5-hour multi-region event near the middle of NaNoWriMo, hosted by the Memphis Municipal Liaisons.

This year it’s going to be at the Benjamin L Hooks Central Library on November 18 from 11am to 4 pm, and we are so excited to be able to have it there. ML HGL will hopefully be hanging out with her library card empty for those who aren’t from our area and would like to temporarily borrow a book from the library for research. (of course, this rests on the promise that you’ll hand the book back to HGL at the end of the event.)

It’s going to be a potluck again this year, and we just wanted to advise that we do have nut allergies and seafood allergies around, and a majority of us aren’t all that against vegetarian food. We also plan to have our candy bar again.

We’re inviting most regions inside a drive time of 5 hours one way, and a few overachievers. If you’re from farther out (and/or aren’t familiar with Memphis at all), definitely let us know you’re coming at least a couple days in advance, and we’ll have HGL ready to be your personalized tomtom if you get a little lost. (Trust us, HGL is good at this, if you can give her the information she needs – she can manage to get you to her, and she’s planning on making sure that she has the best possible directions online by the first of November. Also, you’ll be on the phone with her if the directions just don’t compute, so make sure that your phone is charged up.) In this case, if you’re going to need directions, nanomailing MLHGL on the nanowebsite is entirely your best plan – because that gets checked several times a day during NaNoSeason, and will likely net a faster return time.

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